The Towcester Bubble

Towcester – A World Of Its Own

Ok, so I am new here, but there are some things you do not have to be a veteran to notice. Some things are immediately apparent, that Towcester is a great place is one of them

I’m lucky enough to work online, so I’ve lived in different places around the world, I don’t take holidays, I take 3-6 months abroad. One of these places was a little village called Kiti, just outside of Larnaca, Cyprus. What an amazing place, the woman in the cafe wouldn’t let me eat fry ups everyday, another made me walk her dog because she was old and I was fat and needed the exercise. People like this feel like an extended family. And it has always been in the back of mind to retire there, because I cannot stand England anymore. Because of this I have lived in Europe, Bali, SE Asia and a couple of others.

So Why Does Towcester Feel Different?

I have to write this, because I doubt the people of Towcester (except those that have moved here) understand just how bad the rest of the country is. So maybe my few (I’ve not been here long) experiences will help to set the record straight.

Firstly, you guys are so welcoming, genuinely welcoming. Not that plastic, American way, but back slapping, hand clenchingly welcoming. You cannot fake that, it cannot be taught.

Secondly, you are approachable. I went into Waitrose with my buddy the other day, we were giggling with a woman picking sushi, the woman at the counter and myself with some chap outside (I was having a cheeky cigarette). You are lucky to get a smile when buying a £5 coffee elsewhere in the country. You’d think it was a good day if someone said hello to you anywhere else, here everyone says “Morning” or “Hello” in a cheery voice as I walk through Greens Norton.

Manners, now I am going to try not to rant like a mad man now. But I hate bad manners (or lack thereof) more than anything, even more than feet, ewww. Yet again I have had a great experience here. I am the guy that makes their friends cringe, I tend to inform people in no uncertain way that without a please or thank you, they wont be getting anything.

So Why Does This Make Towcester Different?

I’m hard to please, because I demand perfection in my own work and life I guess. I have tattoos, but don’t like to see them on customer facing people, I swear far too much but hate to hear it in work places. I cannot stand the pomp we have in the UK, abroad I can meet clients in a pair of shorts and flip flops, while we sit there both covered in tattoos drinking at a bar. This actually happens abroad, people care about your ability, not your appearance.

And that is exactly what it feels like here. I can see why the born and bred are so happy here and I can see why the people that settled here are not going anywhere soon.

You have community groups that are about the community, you have people that offer advice altruistically. You have a WI! Now anyone that still has a team of non nonsense women doing their bit for the town, is good in my book.

Whatever it is you are doing here, keep doing it. You’ve created a bit of Britain that is still Great.

Now I’m off for a stroll in the village, because I like it!



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